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The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time
by Preston B. Nichols with Peter Moon 180 pages, ISBN 0-9631889-0-9 $15.95
Price $15.95
Montauk Revisited: Adventures in Synchronicity
by Preston B. Nichols and Peter Moon 256 pages, ISBN 0-9631889-1-7 $19.95
Price $19.95
Pyramids of Montauk: Explorations in Consciousness
by Preston B. Nichols and Peter Moon 256 pages, ISBN 0-9631889-2-5, $19.95
Price $19.95
Encounter in the Pleiades: An Inside Look at UFOs
by Preston B. Nichols and Peter Moon 256 pages, ISBN 0-9631889-3-3, $19.95
Price $19.95
The Black Sun: Montauk's Nazi-Tibetan Connection
by Peter Moon 304 pages, ISBN 0-9631889-4-1, $24.95
Price $24.95
Montauk: The Alien Connection
by Stewart Swerdlow 256 pages, ISBN 0-9631889-8-4, $19.95
Price $19.95
The Music of Time
by Preston B. Nichols with Peter Moon 244 pages, ISBN 0-9678162-0-3, $19.95
Price $19.95
The Philadelphia Experiment Murder: Parallel Universes and the Physics of Insanity
by Alexandra Bruce 252 pages, ISBN 0-9631889-5-X, $19.95
Price $19.95
Ong's Hat: The Beginning
by Joseph Matheny with Peter Moon 192 pages, ISBN 0-9678162-2-X, $19.95
Price $19.95
Synchronicity & the Seventh Seal
by Peter Moon 455 pages, $29.95, ISBN 0-9678162-7-0
Price $29.95
The Montauk Book of the Dead
by Peter Moon 451 pages, $29.95, ISBN 978-0-9678162-3-4
Price $29.95
The Montauk Book of the Living
by Peter Moon 384 pages, $29.95, ISBN 978-0-9678162-6-5
Price $29.95
Spandau Mystery
by Peter Moon 350 pages, $22.00, ISBN 978-0-9678162-4-1
Price $22.00
Transylvanian Sunrise
by Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon 288 pages, $22.00, ISBN 978-0-9678162-5-8
Price $22.00
Transylvanian Moonrise: A Secret Initiation in the Mysterious Land of the Gods
by Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon $22.00 ISBN 978-0-9678162-8-9
Price $22.00
The Healers Handbook: A Journey Into Hyperspace
by Stewart Swerdlow 152 pages, large format book, ISBN 0-9631889-9-2, $22.00
Price $22.00
The Brookhaven Connection
by Wade Gordon 250 pages, ISBN 0-9678162-1-1, $19.95
Price $19.95
Price $29.95
The MONTAUK PULSE VOLUME 2 (1999-2004)
More Details+Price $29.95
THE MONTAUK PULSE VOLUME 3 (2005-2010) by Peter Moon $29.95
Price $29.95
Montauk Pulse Subscription within U.S.A.
Quarterly Newsletter $19.00 annually in U.S.A. (There are no additional shipping charges added to this item)
Price $19.00
Montauk Pulse Subscription International
Quarterly Newsletter $29.00 annually outside of the U.S.A. (There are no additional shipping charges added to this item)
Price $29.00
Mystery of Egypt - The First Tunnel
$22.00 by Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon
Price $22.00
The Secret Parchment Five Tibetan Initiation Techniques
$22.00 by Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon ISBN 978-1-937859-13-8
Price $22.00
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Time Travel Interviews
Time Travel Interviews with David Anderson One of the most intriguing and candid public interviews ever given by David Anderson before his disappearance from the Time Travel Research Center. David discusses his scientific theories on time travel and the challenges he has faced in successfully attempting to warp time. David also takes calls from listeners and answers questions. scientist. This remarkable audio inter- view gives insight into Davids theories and challenges in warping time. A must for all time travel fans. 3-set audio (approximately 3 hours) CD.......................$25.00
More Details+Price $25.00
Special Package (Journeys Into Time DVD plus Time Travel Interview
David Andersons DVD Journeys into Time plus his 3-part audio Time Travel Interview (also available separately). This is a primer on this history and physics of time travel plus an audio description of his technology. Click on icon for full description.
Price $50.00
Special Package 2 (All back issues of the Montauk Pulse newsletter plus Journeys Into Time DVD plus Time Travel Interview
All back issues of the Montauk Pulse newsletter includes Volume I (1993-1998), Volume 2 (1999-2004), Volume 3 (2005-2010) plus Journeys into Time DVD by David Anderson plus Time Travel Interview with David Anderson.
More Details+Price $100.00
NEW: The White Bat - The Alchemy of Writing by Peter Moon
click on cover of White Bat for more info. 224 pages, ISBN 978-1-937859-15-2
Price $22.00
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El Proyecto Montauk: Experimentos in el Tiempo
El Proyecto Montauk relata el proyecto investigativo más impresionante y secreto de la historia. Comenzando con el “Experimento Filadelfia” de 1943, se llevaron a cabo experimentos de invisibilidad a bordo del USS Eldridge, que resultaron en teleportaciones a escala completa de la nave y su tripulación. Siguieron cuarenta años de investigación masiva que terminaron con experimentos raros en Montauk Point, los cuales en realidad dieron apertura a los poderes de la creación y manipulación del tiempo. El Proyecto Montauk crea un puente entre las modalidades de la ciencia y las técnicas más esotéricas jamás imaginadas y finalmente nos catapulta al umbral de las estrellas. Todos sabemos que hay algo ahí, pero no estamos seguros de qué es exactamente. Después de una larga espera, este libro comienza a aportar algunas pistas sólidas.
More Details+Reg. Price $15.95 $9.99 On Sale!
Inside the Earth
Inside the Earth - The Second Tunnel

Stories of the inner earth have both fascinated and perplexed mankind since the dawn of time. Now, for the first time, hard scientific data is provided that the earths core is not what conventional science has always assumed. More amazing than the science, however, are the personal adventures of Radu Cinamar whose position in Department Zero, Romanias secretive intelligence division, allows him to penetrate ancient subterranean passage ways and meet citizens of civilizations in the inner earth.

Inside the Earth also provides us with a glimpse of the fabled city of Shambhala, a paradise at the core of the inner earth itself where balance and harmony are the basis of civilization.

Within the core of the earth is intelligence reaching far beyond the scope of ordinary human consciousness. Inside the Earth is an opportunity for initiation as you explore the frequencies of your own inner nature.

More Details+Price $22.00
Montauk Project Silver Anniversary Edition (PRE-ORDER)

This is the 25th year Silver Anniversary Edition of The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time which was originally released in 1992, causing an uproar and shocking the scientific, academic, and journalistic communities, all of whom were very slow to catch on to the secret world that lurks beyond the superficial veneer of American civilization.

A colloquial name for secret experiments that took place at Montauk Points Camp Hero, the Montauk Project represented the apex of extensive research carried on after World War II; and, in particular, as a result of the phenomena encountered during the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943 when the United States Navy attempted to achieve radar invisibility.

The Montauk Project attempted to study why and how human beings, when exposed to high powered electromagnetic waves, suffered mental disorientation, physical dissolution or even death. A further ramification of this phenomena is that such electromagnetic waves rescrambled components of the material universe itself. According to reports, this research not only included successful attempts to manipulate matter and energy but also time itself.

 In this Silver Anniversary Edition, you will not only read the original text, accompanied by commentary which includes details that could not be published at the original time of publication, but also an extensive summary of a twenty-five year investigation of the Montauk Project which culminated in the scientific proof of time travel capabilities. Read the book and discover the most exalted capabilities of Man.

More Details+Price $22.00
Forgotten Genesis
Forgotten Genesis
The ancient history of mankind is laid bare in this riveting work which reveals the mysteries of how multiple extraterrestrial civilizations have influenced and steered the DNA of Mankind in order for it to evolve to a higher state. In this exhilarating description of ancient mysteries FORGOTTEN GENESIS presents an amazing subject through the complexity and richness of information with over seventy elaborate drawings are meant to make the text easier to understand. The core of this work concerns mans true origin and complex evolution over the ages. Some of the hot spots of human history, which either have either remained unknown or have only been considered from mythological positions, are explained including: Atlantis, Troy, Shambhala, Hyperborea. The diversity and the accuracy of the explanations presented are clear and conclusive, combining pure esoteric knowledge with certain scientific elements. The diversity and the accuracy of the explanations presented are clear and conclusive, combining pure esoteric knowledge with certain scientific elements. Particular emphasis is placed upon the existence and manifestation of interdimensional chasms or portals at the intersections between the physical plane and the etheric plane. FORGOTTEN GENESIS delves into ancient history in a way that no book had done before, explaining and illustrating changes in DNA that have taken place over millennia and how Mankind has evolved into what it is today.
More Details+Price $22.00
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LRH - Tao of Insanity
L. Ron Hubbard - The Tao of Insanity
BOOK IS EXPECTED TO BE HERE MID TO LATE FEBRUARY. L. RON HUBBARD has evolved into one of the most controversial names of the new millennium. Somewhere between the castigation from his critics and the fervent praise of his followers existed a real man with a real mission. What this mission was, however, is debated with as much vehemence as the praises and castigations. L. RON HUBBARD THE TAO OF INSANITY delves deeply into the occult underpinnings of this man and his mission to reveal deeper insights into the matrix that he operated in that put him at the center of so much intrigue that surrounded key players in the military industrial complex such as Robert Heinlein, Jack Parsons, and Marjorie Cameron. For over a half century, countless people have suffered severe misadventures after encountering the mysterious legacy of L. Ron Hubbard and his ever puzzling brainchild: Scientology, a subject that continues to intrigue, baffle and perplex the general public as well as the many critics it has attracted. The only way something can remain so persistently mysterious and powerful is that the underlying occult factors beneath it are not understood. Once they are understood, it will no longer be a puzzle. L. Ron Hubbard The tao of insanity imparts a major paradigm shift as it reveals a deep tapestry featuring an intertwining of famous scientists, politicians, religious leaders, mystical conjurers and the occult imprints that were placed upon them. It is an imprint, however, that if truly understood, conveys an unrelenting hope and promise that is a constituent part of all life.
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