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THE MONTAUK PULSE VOLUME 3 (2005-2010) More Details

A newsletter by the name of the Montauk Pulse went into print in the winter of 1993 to chronicle the events and discoveries regarding the ongoing investigation of The Montauk Project by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon. It has remained in print and been issued quarterly ever since. With a minimum of six pages and a distinct identity of its own, The Pulse will often comment on details and history that do not necessarily find their way into books. Through 1995, the Montauk Pulse has included exciting new breakthroughs on the Montauk story as well as similarly related phenomena like the Philadelphia Experiment and other space-time projects. Consequently, the scope of the Pulse was expanded to embrace any new phenomena concerning time travel or related events. It has been the leading publication when it comes to covering the work of Dr. David Anderson and his time travel research. The cost for a subscription to the Montauk Pulse is $20.00. Do not ad a shipping/handling charge, however, unless you are outside the USA. In such a case, please add $12.00. Back issues are available in three volumes of 24 issues each (spanning six years). Each individual volume is $29.95 each.