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The Healers Handbook: A Journey Into Hyperspace

The Healers Handbook: A Journey Into Hyperspace

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The Healers Handbook: A Journey Into Hyperspace More Details

The miraculous and strange become common place as you journey out of this dimension with Stewart Swerdlow and discover the Language of Hyperspace, a simple system of geometric and archetypal glyphs enabling us to comprehend universal mysteries ranging from crop circles to the full panorama of occult science. Written for both individuals and practitioners alike, The Healerís Handbook embraces color healing, dream analysis, numeric values and symbols, auric fields, astral and hyperspace travel, and radionics as well as offering exercises designed to unlock DNA sequences programmed within you since the beginning of your existence. The ancients uniformly alluded to an arcane language, sometimes described as Vril or Babylonian, which was once common to all mankind, connected to the Mind of God and also served as an inter-species and interuniversal language. Now, for the first time ever, is an entire text dedicated to the explanation of these ancient concepts. This book penetrates the secrets of creation through DNA and includes a vast panorama of healing and meditation techniques. Fully illustrated with exercises, color chart, Dream Dictionary and Hyperspace Dictionary which includes the most complete rendering of the Hyperspace Language available. 152 pages, large format book, ISBN 0-9631889-9-2, $22.00