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Special Package (Journeys Into Time DVD plus Time Travel Interview
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Journeys Into Time In 2002, Dr. David Anderson was forced into seclusion and persuaded to abandon research into time. Having already established that he could slow or speed up time in a self-contained field the size of a soccer ball, Dr. Anderson attracted considerable attention from the medical community and the Government. The potential for life-giving organ transplants by slowing down the decay rate was not lost by investors who sought out Dr. Andersonís expertise to make this a reality. The Time Travel Research Center was thus established as a full-fledged laboratory with two facilities in the U.S. and one in Romania. Dr. Andersonís progress led him to a need for expertise in instrumentation so that the self-contained ďtime fieldĒ could be ex- panded and further explored. After a year, he left behind his archives to Peter Moon which included a sixty minute professionally produced industrial video designed for prospective investors as well as the public. 60 minute DVD...$25.00 PLUS Time Travel Interviews with David Anderson One of the most intriguing and candid public interviews ever given by David Anderson before his disappearance from the Time Travel Research Center. David discusses his scientific theories on time travel and the challenges he has faced in successfully attempting to warp time. David also takes calls from listeners and answers questions. scientist. This remarkable audio inter- view gives insight into Davidís theories and challenges in warping time. A must for all time travel fans. 3-set audio CD...$25.00