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Inner Earth: The Second Tunnel by Radu Cinamar, Edited by Peter Moon, is the 5th book in the Transylvania Series   

In this exhilarating description of mysteries inside the Earth, Radu Cinamar presents a unique way to penetrate the Inner Earth through the process of feeling and the effects that will develop from such an experience. To enhance the reader’s understanding of this very guarded subject, Inside the Earth — The Second Tunnel includes multiple illustrations that include depictions of Inner Earth geography.

Familiar characters from the Transylvania Series also reappear, including the enigmatic Tibetan lama, Repa Sundhi, also known as Dr. Xien, who states: “If someone had a device or machine that could start up and go everywhere they want, especially towards the center of the Earth, the machine would be blocked and stop at a certain point because of the frequency of vibration to be found there. Just how far you can go with such a ma- chine can be limited by reason of your own consciousness which can in and of itself restrict the dimensional range of such a device or the extent to which it can penetrate other realms. This applies to both human beings as well as material objects. Your ability to access such a region is determined by what your own individual frequency of con- sciousness can or will allow you to experience.”

Inside the Earth — The Second Tunnel is not only thestory of an exciting adventure, it is an opportunity for initiation as you explore the frequencies of your own inner nature.

INSIDE THE EARTH — THE SECOND TUNNEL: ISBN 978-1-937859-20-6  $22.00 (suggested retail price)

THE MONTAUK PROJECT: EXPERIMENTS IN TIME by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon was originally released in 1992, causing an uproar and shocking the scientific, academic, and journalistic communities, all of whom were very slow to catch on to the secret world that lurks beyond the superficial veneer of American civilization.

A colloquial name for secret experiments that took place at Montauk Point’s Camp Hero, the Montauk Project represented the apex of extensive research carried on after World War II; and, in particular, as a result of the phenomena encountered during the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943 when the United States Navy attempted to achieve radar invisibility.

The Montauk Project attempted to study why and how human beings, when exposed to high powered electromagnetic waves, suffered mental disorientation, physical dissolution or even death. A further ramification of this phenomena is that such electromagnetic waves rescrambled components of the material universe itself. According to reports, this research not only included successful attempts to manipulate matter and energy but also time itself.

It has now been over twenty-five years since The Montauk Project originally appeared in print. In this Silver Anniversary Edition, you will not only read the original text, accompanied by commentary which includes details that could not be published at the original time of publication, but also an extensive summary of a twenty-five year investigation of the Montauk Project which culminated in the scientific proof of time travel capabilities. Read this book and discover the most exalted capabilities of Man.

ISBN 978-1-937859-21-3  $22.00 (suggested retail price)