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The Etheric Crystal (Pre-publication offer)
THIS IS A PRE-PUBLICATION DISCOUNT OFFER. OFFER GOOD THROUGH OCTOBER 31st, 2020. THE BOOK IS SCHEDULED TO BE SENT TO US IN MID-OCTOBER (the 15h) AND WE WILL SHIP OUT WITHIN 24 HOURS OF ARRIVAL. The seventh book in the Transylvania Series by Radu Cinamar features a mission through the Third Tunnel located in the chamber beneath the Romanian Sphinx in the Bucegi Mountains. The Third Tunnel leads to to a chamber in Iraq where Radu and his mentor, Cezar Brad, recover a mysterious crystal that is an integral part of a chair device in the Iraq chamber which facilitates extended perception for the individual using it. The crystal itself is etheric because it does not exist in a physical form in this universe. Outside the confines of Department Zero, Radu has the idea to build a chair device using this crystal which will facilitate his intuition and influence his ability to “see” beyond the veil so to speak. It is a highly complicated and involved undertaking, and Cezar is very supportive, but it is done outside the parameters of their regular duties in Department Zero, Romania’s most secret intelligence service, as they do not believe their undertaking would be credible enough to receive funding. Accordingly, they use Elinor’s basement of the mysterious and enigmatic alchemist, Elinor, who was introduced in the second book of the series, "Transylvanian Moonrise". We learn much more about Elinor in this book, and they are surprised when he visits them and offers to fund the project and contribute to its success. This leads to a liasion and very interesting discussion between him and Méntia, a medical and health expert from the Inner Earth who appeared as a mentor to Radu in the sixth book, Forgotten Genesis. Mentia tries to convince Elinor to make an elixir that will benefit humanity, but he demurs, saying that mass production of such a substance undermines the very principle of alchemy, a practice which requires individual participation and a proper frame of consciousness. He makes a counter offer to her to release the holographic technology that is available to the people of the Inner Earth. As the chair device is perfected, Radu explores exalted states of consciousness that involve a secret base in the United States and one on the Moon. Eventually, he learns the history of the Moon itself and how it came to be the unique satellite of Earth that fosters the evolution of life on our planet.
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